Ice Cream Craving? Try Bloom Hill Farm

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It never fails to surprise me that even after living in Connecticut for my entire life, there are still places I have never been to or heard of. Such is the case for Bloom Hill Farm: a local, rustic ice cream shop located a mere ten minute drive away from me on 696 Cottage Grove Road in Bloomfield, CT, right past The University of Hartford.

My friend Hannah mentioned it off-handedly to me over breakfast and seeing my confusion, explained what it was, baffled I hadn’t ever been before. We agreed to meet up again that very night and try it out.

The drive to the ice cream farm-house was easy and I was surprised I had never noticed it, passing that area so many times on my way to work last summer. When we arrived, I scanned the menu and was pleased to see an assortment of hand-churned hard ice creams, soft serves, and milkshakes. I settled on a classic: the chocolate shake. It ended up costing me only six dollars for a large, 20 ounce cup. I quickly slurped it down; the consistency was perfect.

I liked the cozy, simplistic, and no-fuss charm of the location. The barn was located right off of a busy street and had a spacious parking lot and a field and cages with farm animals alongside of it. The owners, a sweet older couple, accepted only cash or check as forms of payment.

I would recommend Bloom Hill Farm to anyone looking for quality local ice cream for a good price and a nostalgic location with a nice view and space to sit and savor your frosty treat.

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