Seeing West Hartford Through Fresh Eyes

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This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of having some of my college friends (my roommate Maeve and close friend Emaan) visit me in my hometown. I had never had anyone from school to my house, since I had previously traveled to others and because I generally prefer to keep home life and school life separate, so, needless to say, this was a new experience.

Since they both live relatively close to me, in central Massachusetts and Vermont, they carpooled up to meet me, the drive taking roughly an hour. Although I was a little nervous about their reaction or that they would be bored by my relatively un-exciting state, I shouldn’t have been. The trip ended up being a blast. I credit its success in large part to the optimistic perspective I took on as a tour guide, seeing my own state with fresh eyes.

I started by giving them a brief tour of my house. We then drove up to my old high school, looping through Bishops Corner, walked around Blue Back Square and the rest of West Hartford Center, noting the restaurants and shops, and then wandered in to Elizabeth Park to look at the flowers. Luckily the day, although a bit cloudy, ended up being warm and beautiful. They both seemed to enjoy the small-town charm of West Hartford and particularly liked the park; we ended up climbing on top of the stone bridges, peering into greenhouses, spending time in the vine-covered gazebo, and blowing on dandelions in the fields. Below are a few photos of our adventure.

We finished out the trip by baking some delicious vegan brownies (recipe linked below), eating a late lunch of rice bowls at Bartaco, and watching the Princess and the Frog. Overall, the visit was everything I could have hoped; it reminded me that my home has a lot more to offer than I sometimes give it credit for and that a positive attitude does impact the outcome of an experience.

Simple Vegan Brownie Recipe:

Bartaco Information and Menu:

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