For the Poetry Lovers: Hill-stead Sunken Garden Poetry Festival

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This summer I am working as a poetry intern at The Hill-stead Museum in Farmington. A colonial revival house, art museum, and beautiful estate, the Hill-stead has a long and rich history. It’s known for its stately grounds, curated exhibits, and well-coordinated community events.

One of such events that I’ve had the pleasure of helping to organize and plan is The Sunken Garden Poetry Festival. This festival event began in 1992 and has been a popular staple since then. Drawing huge crowds, this series of 5 poetry nights interspersed throughout the summer, bring in top tier poets, previous names including Billy Collins and Natasha Tretheway. There is even a night dedicated to high school student poetry contest winners to showcase new talent.

I have been attending the poetry festival myself all throughout high school, so I feel so lucky to now have a hand in the organization of an event that I feel passionate about.

This year the Sunken Garden Poetry dates are as follows: May 27, June 20, July 11, July 25, and August 5 (workshops are hosted during the day and the events begin at night, usually at 5:30 pm). Buy a ticket and bring your lawn chair and you’ll be treated to live music and performances! The festival also features food trucks and tables selling the poet’s books.

Besides the poetry festival, the Hill-stead has plenty to offer. Some of their re-occurring options are free yoga on certain summer Saturday and Sunday mornings, Story Time @ Theo’s for children on select dates, and First Sunday exploring days and trail walks for families.

Check out The Hill-stead at 35 Mountain Road, Farmington, CT 06032 for one of the aforementioned events or just for wandering the museum exhibits and taking in scenic views.


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