Few things can compare to spending time with your best friend. A couple of days ago, I was lucky enough to get mine back all the way from university in Scotland. Being at home for several weeks without her was cause for some boredom and anticipation, but she’s finally home!

I drove down with her family (and my second family) to the airport in New York to pick her up. Seeing Maddie’s smiling face and elation greeting us was enough to make the long drive and traffic worth it.

We stopped at a diner in the airport vicinity after retrieving her because at that point it was almost 8 pm and we hadn’t eaten. Our waitress was funny and the old-fashioned atmosphere made the dining experience a pleasant one. On the drive back, we all slept in the backseat, leaning on one another throughout the ride.

Maddie and I have known each other since we were in kindergarten and at first it was a huge adjustment going from being a few houses down in CT to hundreds of miles apart for college. Yet, we have learned to keep our friendship strong by constantly reaching out. I feel lucky that I have someone who makes picking things up where we leave off so effortless.

I can’t wait to visit more places on my bucket list this summer with her as a travel buddy. Just earlier today, we went to a Mediterranean restaurant in the center of my town called Zohara for shared small plates and a catch-up chat.

Stay tuned for a Logic concert review from us in a few weeks and enjoy a few photos from the reunion below 🙂


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