Getting Out of Connecticut: My Trip to Watch Hill

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One of the fool-proof ways to not get bored in your hometown is to leave your hometown (I know groundbreaking). The other day, I decided to do just that. I set out with my friend Hannah around 9 a.m. from West Hartford after making a quick coffee run. We ended up being in the car to Rhode Island for roughly an hour and a half. However, the time passed quickly with us chatting and listening to Hannah’s high energy 2018 Spotify playlist.

When we arrived in the beach town of Westerly, RI around 11:20 a.m. we found the streets were mostly deserted and there was plenty of parking available in the lot, a huge contrast to our last beach trip where we spent hours driving around in search of a space. The day was perfect: 80s and sunny. We settled on a near-empty beach and ended up staying in that same place until around 5 p.m. that night, sans a quick trip to get chocolate and coffee oreo ice cream in town.

I am such a beach girl and Hannah is the same way, which worked out perfectly because neither of us got bored just tanning in the sand and taking walks up and down the shore. I would recommend Watch Hill to anyone who likes both laying out and exploring because it provides a beautiful atmosphere: rocky areas to climb, space to swim and play, as well as a view of Taylor Swift’s beach house if you are someone who is interested in that.

I was grateful to Hannah for planning ahead and packing some picnic snacks. We ate strawberries, popcorn, chips, fruit snacks, and granola bars. The day-cation couldn’t have been more peaceful or perfect.

I felt proud of myself also for taking on the day with a positive mindset; everyone has insecurities and the beach is often a setting where they can emerge and run rampant if you let them. Instead of being overly critical and self-conscious about myself and my body, I tried to focus instead on enjoying the environment surrounding me. I find that sometimes it helps to remind yourself when you are feeling anxious that other people are so busy worrying about themselves that they probably aren’t focusing on you; after all, we are our own toughest critics.

Before we left for the night, we went to dinner in the town of Westerly at Olympia Tea Room, a family owned, bistro-style restaurant overlooking the harbor. We both ordered the Green Bean & Kale Salad with chicken and avocado. The salad was delicious and satisfying. I loved the light lemon dressing, the toasted almonds, shaved Parmesan, and well-cooked chicken breast. Learn more about them by visiting their website at

The drive home was just as easy and enjoyable as the trip up had been. However, I felt grateful to just be a passenger, so I could take in the views as we made our way back to CT.

The trip was a much needed change of pace and scenery for me. I have now been back home for more than three weeks and the initial excitement and energy of the beginning of summer has faded some. I needed this reminder of how many wonderful days are still to be had before school starts up again for my junior year.

I am planning on soaking up every minute and appreciating being home with people who have known me my entire life; there is something unique and special about those bonds.

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