Sitting Down and Catching Up at Abigail’s Grille & Wine Bar

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My grandma has taken her grandchildren, myself included, on trips she calls “special days” for as long as I can remember. When we were all younger, these days could entail whatever we wanted to do. My brother often chose mini golf and ice cream, I liked museums and lunches out; whatever they were, it was time to spend with one another and catch up.

Now that I am older and busier, the special days have dwindled in frequency, but I still try to make time for them when I am home. Just yesterday, my grandma and I had a special day out for dinner at Abigail’s. I really treasure these moments that I get with her to talk about our lives: what’s been going well, what could be going better, what we are excited for in the future, what we are reading, what we have been thinking about, what we are grateful for, the topic lists go on.

My grandma is such a special person. She has a way about her that puts people immediately at ease and makes them want to trust and confide in her. I hope to be as involved, generous, and warm as she is when I am her age. She spends so much of her time caring for other people, making an impact in the world, and learning, always learning. I love the way she talks about life and how open she is about her faith. Sitting down with her yesterday, brought back that special feeling that I always get when I am around her.

We sat on the beautiful back patio to eat, reclined under umbrellas, since it was a misty, drizzling night. I love Abigail’s because of its charm and ambiance. The historical house is inviting and cozy. We enjoyed a delicious meal of brussel sprouts to begin for me, and a chopped salad for her. I ate a salmon dish for my entrée, served with green beans and sweet potato puree. It was perfectly cooked and seasoned. My grandmother had eggplant Parmesan that was equally delicious, based on the bite I stole for her plate. We both opted for dessert and decaf coffees to end the meal and prolong the time sitting and talking. I had chocolate bread pudding, topped with vanilla J. Fosters ice cream and she ate a slice of classic cheesecake.

I would 100% recommend Abigail’s for an intimate, special dinner out. Their menu is extensive and the service is great. They are even available to book for private events. Learn more about them on their website:

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