Life Update and Starting My Video Production Internship

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I just finished my first week at my internship at Connecticut Public (the local radio and broadcasting station in my state). I am working in the Media Lab for 20 hours a week with five other interns. We range in age from 18 to 32, which I think makes the group of us strong because of the diverse perspectives and life experiences we come to this internship with. The media lab part of the radio station is a component of their education department and focuses on mainly video production and digital skills.

Our project this semester, although I can’t give any specific details, focuses on making multiple video series, some photo essays, and articles about aspects of life in Connecticut for different companies. I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to work with Connecticut Public because I love their commitment to making media that is accessible, bold, and that addresses controversial issues.

I am learning a lot about different camera equipment like the gimbel, monopod, shoulder rig and cinematography techniques, as well as video editing with Premier. I wouldn’t say I was completely clueless about those things before, but it definitely wasn’t my forte, since I tend to be more versed in written media and print journalism, rather than broadcast or multi-media journalism. I think I’m gonna get a lot out of this internship in terms of practical technical skills. I already really like my coworkers and supervisors, so things are going well.

I’m excited for the coming days. I’m planning on going to see The Incredibles 2 tonight and probably again during the weekend if it ends up being good (fingers crossed). In the next few weeks, I’m gonna get the chance to got to and help run a poetry festival, attend my old high school’s senior graduation, and visit my friend for her birthday in New Jersey. There are a lot of good things on the horizon.

I admit, I have been struggling a bit lately to go out and do things on my bucket list. My anxiety tends to get kind of bad in the summer when I’m not busy and have less of a strict schedule to follow. But I have been working on helping myself and feeling happier and less insecure by doing things that I love like writing and singing and exploring. So, keep an eye out for more fun adventure ideas from me in the coming days!


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