Playhouse on Park’s In The Heights

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Wow oh wow do I love going to see plays. There is something so special about people coming together to craft a world outside of their own experiences, taking on new lives and identities, and transporting their audience for a night. It’s a rush to watch people act and put their talent to real use because they have the ability to make people feel something when they are doing their jobs right. Every time I watch a play, I find myself wishing I could act or that I had the courage to try. Seeing In the Heights at Playhouse was no exception.

I went with my mom several days ago to an 8 pm showing. I had never been to Playhouse on Park to see a show before and I was impressed by the venue. The theater is relatively small and blackbox style, which means there isn’t a bad seat in the house. Plus, as an audience member, you are able to be close to the action; I could see every expression clearly on the actors’ faces.

The cast did a fantastic job. In the Heights is a musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of Hamilton. The story follows a cast of mainly Hispanic-American characters living in Washington Heights in NYC. The show has won several Tony’s for its music and choreography. The score features clever, fast-paced raps and beautiful harmonies typical of Miranda. In the Heights will be playing through July 29, 2018.

I would highly recommend Playhouse on Park shows to anyone who wants a cost-effective theater experience in an intimate setting. Learn more about the venue or buy tickets on their website at

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