If you’re willing to go a bit out of the way, it’s amazing what you can discover in and surrounding D.C. A few days ago I decided to check out a thrift store I had heard about from a friend: Remix in Bethesda, Maryland. The way there was convenient; it was right off of the Bethesda metro stop, a couple hundred feet away.

At first I felt a bit put-off by the pricing. Remix is definitely on the higher end for thrift items (you can see pieces ranging up to $30). However, I’m glad I didn’t discount it outright. After some careful sorting through the racks, I discovered a beautiful pair of culotte-style jeans with fringe bottoms for only $12. When I tried them on, they fit me perfectly and for such a low price for jeans, it was pretty tough to beat.

I would recommend Remix if you are looking for special occasion outfits (dresses, jumpsuits etc.) because their pricing will be significantly cheaper than buying one of these nicer items new. They also have a solid selection of jewelry and accessories (sunglasses, hair wraps), not to mention these items won’t break the bank.

Another recent gem I stumbled across with my friend Akosua is the coffee shop: Bluestone Lane in Georgetown. The shop itself is small and aesthetic, filled with plants and earthy decor. It is a bit pricey (but then again what isn’t in Georgetown?) but the cost equates with the quality and experience of eating there.

When I went the other week, I ordered a plain latte and avocado toast. Both were absolutely delicious. But, the avocado toast topped with lemon and red pepper flakes is especially worthy. You are able to order it with add ons like eggs or bacon and it comes in a beautifully designed blue and white takeout box.

We ate at the idyllic outdoor seating area under the shade of umbrellas and people watched the bustle of M Street before us. To learn more about Bluestone and it’s other locations visit: https://bluestonelane.com.

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