It’s been a long time since I’ve written here. The end of the semester and holidays tend to keep me pretty busy. To recap my past few months, I’ll just say that I’ve been very lucky to be surrounded by people who make me feel genuinely happy and supported.

Time has really flown in the past few months. I spent Christmas in Connecticut with my family and visited my boyfriend in California a bit before the holidays. There have been lots of reunions with friends and time spent soaking up being home. It’s crazy to think I leave in 2 days for roughly 5 months abroad at King’s College London.

I feel such a mix of emotions being at the precipice of such a major lifestyle and environment change. Part of me is beyond excited for a change of scenery and the possibility of travel. Yet, another part feels anxious about the unknown and makes me wish I could stay in the comfort of the life I have built for myself at AU.

My resolution for myself this year though is to remain open to what this new city has to offer and get out of my own head when it comes to making friends and becoming acclimated to a new place. I also promise to write much much more often. No more 2 month hiatuses.

I’m starting back up with my poetry and reading recommendation blogs and will be keeping a guide to the best spots I discover in London and the other cities in Europe where I inevitably will travel. Stay tuned and happy 2019!

Below is a collage of photos from the past few months that illustrate better than I can describe how grateful I feel in my life at this point.

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