It’s my third day in London after arriving mid-morning 2 days ago at Heathrow airport. The journey was not as exhausting or confusing as I expected and I made it to my King’s housing near Waterloo without much issue 🙂 move in was relatively easy as my room is tiny (as most UK apartments are). Even though it’s small, it’s mine and I’m looking forward to getting it decorated and cozy, the way I like it.

I spent the majority of the first day and yesterday wandering around the area where I am living and getting acclimated. It was a rather gray and cold day in London yesterday, but my puffer coat and wool scarf kept me warm. I went to the London eye, a gallery space near me, and shopping about near the strand. I took several trips out to get supplies for my room and even bought a photography book that I think I’ll cut photos from to put up on my sparse walls.

I felt very loved and lucky that so many friends and family members reached out to me yesterday to check in and see that I was safe. I FaceTimed my best friend, my boyfriend, and my mom and Dad after getting settled in and it eased some of the initial loneliness I felt not knowing anyone.

I ended up crashing early around 8 pm due to jet lag. But first I got myself take away dinner at a nandos near my residence. I slept soundly until 9 am the next morning.

Today, I continued with getting decorations and necessities for my dorm. I met up with Maddie, a friend from my sorority who is also studying at Kings for lunch. It’s so nice to have a familiar face in a totally unfamiliar part of the world.

Below are some photos from my first few days here. I am meeting lots of new people thanks to orientation and will be going out to the pub tonight to get to know even more abroad students. This city is special, I can already tell. I love how friendly the people are and the beauty of the architecture surrounding me. I am looking forward to making this place feel like home and getting into the routine of life at King’s. More updates soon!

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