It’s day six of my London abroad semester, so almost a week in! I have been lucky to meet some fast friends (shoutout Tianni, Chloe, and Maddie) and have been using my free time before classes start to explore the city. I have done most of the tourist-y attractions like The London Eye and so on, so I’m focusing now on finding cool local spots and hidden gems. Yesterday was a packed day spent ice skating outdoors at Somerset House on King’s campus and going to Borough Market for a delicious lunch of samosas with Chloe. If you are ever in want of some good street food, bread, cheese, mulled wine (or just want to eat some free samples) this is the place for you.

After wandering and getting a bit lost on the London buses, Chloe and I went to Platform 9 3/4 and a student bar in our union called: The Vault. There, we socialized with other students who are studying abroad and met some new friends. Maddie and Tianni joined us and we headed to another pub that was close in proximity to King’s Bush House. I stayed at the pub for an hour or so and mingled with people before setting out to say hello to my friend from home: Allison at her London apartment, as she had just arrived. We spent a few hours together talking and wandering around her area and then I made the journey back to Waterloo station and home to my dorm.

The day before last, I had the pleasure of going to Camden Market for the first time. The thrifting there and the food is out of this world. I got a great black leather jacket for only 10 pounds! It is for sure one of my favorite places in the city so far.

Today, I rose early for the first time and headed toward London Bridge to explore for a bit. I got breakfast to go and decided on leaving the area to check out Tate Modern to get my art fix. The free exhibits were huge and beautiful. I spent several hours taking everything in and even purchased a few postcards of my favorite works on the way out. From there, I headed to Oxford Street to shop with some friends. Primark is a literal godsend and I could buy everything in that store if I’m not careful. I got a candle, a throw blanket, string lights, hangers, and some fake plants to brighten up my room. It finally feels like home to me. We ate at a cafe near by and walked around to various stores to window shop. The rest of my day will probably be spent reading and then going out to a comedy night at a pub nearby my friend’s housing.

I am loving the experience of being in a new city so far. It has given the confidence to know that I can figure things out on my own. More soon and enjoy some pictures below!

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