London feels like a place I could genuinely call home someday. There is something about the city that feels fresh and magical. Despite all the tourism, there are so many areas of London that remain tucked away and surprising as I explore more.

Just yesterday I got out of the heart of the city with my friend Maddie to see the beautiful seaside town of Brighton. We took a short train ride from Blackfriars. Although the day started a bit rocky with cold weather and a few spills, once we arrived in Brighton I was struck with how happy I felt in this place. The streets were lined with Easter egg pastel houses that conveyed a cheery, quaint quality. The heart of the town was dotted with thrift and vintage stores, coffee and book shops (my personal heaven).

We spent most of the day rifling through the gems in these vintage stores. We each purchased quite a few things. Myself: hoop earrings (is anyone surprised haha) and a vintage nike sweatshirt, along with some much needed thermal gloves. Maddie got a hat, gloves, jeans, a sweater, some pins for her camera strap and sweatshirt as well.

One of my favorite places to see was the Brighton boardwalk with its neon day glow sign. We ate fish and chips by the water and braved the misty chilly air for the beauty of the waves crashing on the rocks. We even gotten soft serve vanilla ice cream (a girl after my own heart) because ice cream is for every type of weather. Maddie is such a ray of sunshine and makes me laugh constantly.

We finished our time in Brighton at a small coffee shop sipping drinks to get warm. The train ride back was nap time for both of us and we parted ways after a quick grocery run at M & S near Blackfriars.

This weekend has been a lovely break for me after what felt like a long, exhausting first week. I have some readings to catch up on today but I’m taking time to go see my mom’s favorite museum: Victoria and Albert this afternoon before I start my work.

Today is a bit sad for me because it is my boyfriend’s birthday and I can’t celebrate with him. Being apart is hard, but he is so wonderful to me and will be visiting me in a little over a month. I’m trying to stay positive today though and I’m looking forward to FaceTiming him when he’s awake 🙂

I love this place and I love all of the people who have reached out to me during my transition abroad to show their support. I’m very grateful in my life currently.

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