If you’re looking for one of the most picturesque towns in London and are a big movie fan, Notting Hill is the place to go. This past Monday I took a 20 min metro ride and a short walk to arrive at the famous Portobello Road to explore the market and the streets.

On Monday morning, the streets of Notting Hill were not too busy. I recommend weekdays for that reason if you want to avoid the tourist rush.

The area is full of beautiful pastel homes that look especially stunning when the light hits them. I was lucky to come on a sunny day and I was not disappointed.

There are plenty of photo opportunities for photographers and Instagram-lovers alike. Although Portobello road itself is lovely, I would recommend ducking into its side streets to find backdrops for photos. They are more tucked away and provide easier opportunities to get the unobstructed shot you need.

If you like to thrift and are into cute coffee shops, Notting Hill will also satisfy. It is quite the posh area and the British would say. Along Portobello Road there are tons of thrift stores, as well as street vendors selling cheap clothing. Gail’s Bakery Notting Hill is a great and aesthetic coffee spot. From brunch, Farm Girl is both instagramable and delicious (as well as health conscious).

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