I know abroad can probably look like all sunshine and rainbows from the outside and I’m not saying it’s not lovely. I have a lot of great days here that fill me with a sense of wonder and gratefulness to be in this city. But, I do think it’s important to recognize that it comes with its challenges as well.

Going abroad you are exposed to a completely different environment and way of life (sometimes even a new language). Culture shock is a completely normal thing, as well as the feelings of loneliness and homesickness that can accompany it. I am still working to remind myself to not beat myself up for having an off day. Mental health is tricky and can test you, especially when you go through a major life change.

I’ve been keeping positive and doing well in London. This is just a reminder for myself as much as it is for anyone else who may be struggling to adjust to remember that you’re doing great! Everything you do in an unfamiliar environment seems to take ten times the energy. So, give yourself some credit for the little victories and the efforts you make on a daily basis.

There are so many life lessons to take away from being on your own in a different country. It’s both a scary and liberating/empowering experience. Just know that you are capable of succeeding and making the most of your time living abroad.

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