Today is our last day in Madrid. The past few days have been so lovely and calm. We had the perfect amount of time to see everything we wanted to see without feeling rushed.

We had a wonderful food tour a few mornings ago of some of the best tucked away local places in the city. Our guide was lovely and warm and gave us some great insight into the history of Spain and the current political climate.

Afterwards I wandered around La Reina Sofia to see some contemporary art. The museum was in a great central location and I enjoyed a lot of the conceptual artwork. The layout was a bit confusing, but overall the museum was worthwhile to visit, especially due to its calm atmosphere with fountains and greenery.

That night we had a great time out with Jordan, one of our graduated sorority sisters, at El Tigre, a bar and restaurant in Madrid that serves a free plate of food with every drink you buy. They had delicious mojitos and croquettes. Afterwards we stopped for ice cream at Burger King (classic) and retired to the room.

Yesterday we had a nice brunch out at NuBel, a very modern bar and restaurant. They give you so much food, we had trouble finishing and lots of liquids also (3 drinks lol). Afterwards we did some window shopping and wandering. I ended up purchasing another sweatshirt to add to my collection at a vintage store called Alphaville. We rested a bit in the room and then Maddie went to lunch with her childhood friend while I visited Museo Nacional del Prado. The art was gorgeous and I got in for free with my student ID. It was much more traditional art than Reina Sofia that featured a lot of contemporary and abstract works.

Afterwards we came back to the room and regrouped for a bit before heading to Azotea, a beautiful rooftop bar on top of el circulo de artes bellas building. The drinks were strong and the views were stunning during golden hour. It was great being there with Keemia and Sofia and catching up with them on their Madrid Abroad experience.

Afterwards Maddie joined us for Takos al pastor. There tacos was so flavorful and a great deal for only one euro. They were also much needed after the drinks and me skipping lunch.

Maddie and I stopped at a paella place and Burger King on the way home for some eats. We fell asleep early after a busy day.

Today is our final morning in Madrid. We are packing up our stuff and checking out of the hotel. Soon we will be back in London after a short flight midday. This vacation has been such an amazing experience and I will definitely be returning to Madrid in the future!

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