The music I listen to tends to reflect the headspace I’m in and the way I feel in my life at the current moment. Lately I’ve been really in to more moody and soulful music that expresses a lot of emotions (bc I’m super emotional as anyone who knows me would know).

Some of my recent favorite artists have included Omar Apollo, August Alinsa and Pink Sweat$. All have a mellow, experimental vibe and can be loosely categorized as r&b artists. Some songs I’ve been circulating often include Honesty (pink sweat$), Trouble and Erase (Omar Apollo), and Secret and For You (by August alinsa).

Some of my top songs of the moment also include Needy by Ariana Grande for its raw and emotional lyrics and describing the insecurity and anxiousness that can accompany love and Carry Me Home by Jorja Smith (a beautiful melancholy ballad with great harmonies).

Finally, my favorite recent album I’ve been listening to is Billie Eilish’s new release: When we all fall asleep, where do we go? The 2019 collection of songs is heartbreaking and beautiful and seems to explore an even deeper and darker version of Eilish than her fans have previously seen. I appreciate greatly both the length of the album (12 songs) and it’s acknowledgement of difficult topics like loss and drug addiction. Eilish has a lot of maturity in terms of her songwriting, especially for her young age.

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