In the midst of writing so many papers, I never got to update everyone on my amazing trip to Scotland to visit my best friend Maddie at St. Andrews. I went over Easter weekend for about 4 days and had the most wonderful time with her and her friends. Shoutout Maddie for being my biggest support system for 15 years (thanks for sticking with me since kindergarten). It was so good for me to spend time with her because she always makes me feel 100% myself and like I can take on anything. This trip definitely gave me the push I needed to finish my work and end the semester strong.

The weekend was spent eating lots of bread and cheese, having many drinks (both that we made at home and out at pubs) as well as walking on the beach, studying in cafes, barbecuing with friends, pride events, a bop, and exploring and catching up with one another. Celebrating Easter with someone I love and actually going to church was so lovely and comforting. I had the absolute best time with Maddie’s sweet friends: Makenzie, Kat, Lauren, Morgan, Camilla, McKenna, Rhianna, Rhiannon, Liam and many more. Below is a cute photo essay capturing my time there.

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